Wednesday, April 11, 2007

would have saved me money

i recently had my bathrooms re done at home
but the job was badly done and the only thing that was wrong to start with was the grout was going

if we had known about ABC Systems i might have just had that done

have a look at what they can do to tiles

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

personal development

Ok quite often you will find that these sorts of professions are a bit "iffy" and you can be charged at an unreadable rate by some one with no qualifications.

if you are looking for life coaching in Perth Australia there are a few people that i recommend.
now im not telling you that they are the bes one for you only that they were the helpful for me or friends of mine so im just passing it along. Call it life planning or life coaching it all works out that these people can help you in your life if you need help

ok here we go

i talk to a lot of people at work and i find that a most of them are annoyed at a number of businesses. so why not share their common knowledge and help people out.

now due to legal reasons we shouldn't name the bad ones as technically that is slander so we will do the next best thing send their business to their competition.


here is the start

i made this so i can put down the business that i use and recommend this is not a spamming site

if i find that any one is just spamming it i will delete but if some one wants to legitimately add a business and can support why then they are free to add it to my list